Little Explorer – Live Butterfly Life Cycle Encounter old

The Little Explorer – Live Butterfly Life Cycle Encounter program offers an opportunity for children to discover and explore the life stages of butterflies through their natural host plants, free flight and feeding.

Children are introduced to the butterfly life cycle through an interactive story, given time to ask questions and discuss what they have learned. This is then followed by hands on interaction with the butterfly life stages. Butterflies laying eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis and feeding butterflies.

What’s Included

  • Life Cycle – Children participate in an interactive story, learning about the butterfly life cycle.
  • Fun Facts – A special student is chosen to help their classmates learn about butterfly anatomy.
  • Live representation of each life cycle stage.
  • Learning through Touch – Students are allowed to hold, touch or view live caterpillars on their host plants and live chrysalis.
  • Monarch Mamas laying eggs.
  • Feed the Butterflies – Feed free-flying butterflies in a 10’x12′ walk thru display.
  • Juice Bar – Guess which flavor the butterflies will love most!

Initial Session
20 kids or under….$165 (40 minutes)
40 kids or under….$185 (60 minutes)
60 kids or under….$210 (80 minutes)

Add a ‘Little Explorer’ extra sessions.

Once you have chosen your initial session size, additional sessions may be added to accommodate more students/classes.

Add an extra session 40 kids or under….$55 (60 minutes)
Add an extra session 60 kids or under….$75 (80 minutes)

Check Availability

Questions about what you see?  Contact us so we can discuss what would work for your school or organization.

* Due to distance and travel time, a travel fee applies to events 30 miles outside our service area of Suwanee, GA.

* Caterpillars take time to become Butterflies, please plan 30 days in advance when possible.  Sometimes we do have enough butterflies fluttering around, so don’t hesitate to contact us if less than 30 days.