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A Butterfly Tale originated from a long time passion…

Butterflies have so much to share. They help us visualize transformation. The mere sight of them instantly brings smiles to our faces, along with feelings of hope and the future. As a child, I was fascinated by these flights of fancy collecting butterflies behind picture boxes summer after summer. I let college, then a career interrupt my childhood passion, but one day I stopped to looked around…

Where were all the butterflies? I rarely saw them in my urban backyard. I missed them.

Those dancing sprinkles of color told me spring was here and summer not far behind. I asked myself.  Where did the butterflies go? Where did they come from each spring?

Thus began my transition to conservationist. I already had a degree in biology, why not use my love of nature to understand how to bring these icons of hope, rebirth and beauty to life in my own backyard.  Thus began my new journey.

Yesterday I thought it a magical moment to share with my son, today I think it might be an extraordinary experience to share with children and adults alike.

A Butterfly Tale Is a family affair. My child offers me a view through innocence, my husband tirelessly grows the host plants I desire, I take endless pictures and plan the habitat for the next butterflies we will raise.

We’d like to share with you the amazing story of butterflies; their life cycle, their beauty and the chance to discover what they symbolize for you.

How can we add butterflies to your life?

Clients & Recognition

She taught an amazing Monarch lesson for our family and friends this weekend. Roberta brought caterpillars, mature Monarchs, the GA state butterfly, as well as a screened observation tent & plenty of fruit so the little ones could hold, feed & examine these delicate, beautiful creatures! A fun, informative lesson for everyone ensued!

Private Event, Suwanee, GA

Roberta, What an amazing experience you gave my kids today! We can’t thank you enough! You have a great program! Very well put together and so hands on! I was floored at how the kids got to experience the Monarch Butterfly life cycle so close up and natural. It was an adventure they will never forget. Thank you so much!

Rita Arsenault, Riverside Elementary, Suwanee, GA

Sorry to clog up your Newsfeed folks, but there are SO MANY amazing things happening at Discovery Point Suwanee today! Our Accelerated Pre-K students have been observing a chrysalis in their classroom and today we have a BUTTERFLY! Thank you to Roberta Vigil for facilitating this wonderful experience for our students.

Discovery Point, Suwanee, GA


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